Musicians take money, move out of warehouse

The Associated Press
Monday October 02, 2000

SAN FRANCISCO — San Francisco musicians who had vehemently protested the closing of a rehearsal warehouse have decided to take the money and run. 

The musicians who rent space from Downtown Rehearsal formed a committee and struck a deal with owner Greg Koch who will pay $500,000 toward development of a new rehearsal space and an additional $250,000 to the musicians. 

Last weekend, during a heated meeting with Supervisor Gavin Newsom, the tenants and Koch at the facilities, some of the tenants vowed not to leave and others considered suing. But in the end, the musicians decided the payoff from Koch would go a long way toward finding new space to practice. 

JMA Properties of Cupertino has offered to purchase the building provided all the musicians are out by Oct. 6.