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By Juliet Leyba Daily Planet Staff
Wednesday November 08, 2000

Not only did Joaquin Rivera win re-election to the Berkeley Unified School District’s Board of Education - winning 41 percent of the vote with 60 precincts reporting – but he predicted it as well. 

Hopefully, his sixth sense will serve him in the coming four years as he again assumes the role of Board President and struggles to make his vision become a reality.  

“I want to continue on the current path and continue implementing strategies to help under performing kids get up to speed.” 

For Rivera that means closing the achievement gap, expanding the board’s literacy program to include kindergarten through 12th grade and making sure Berkeley High School undergoes reforms “so that all students receive equal opportunities.” 

Meanwhile, it appeared that candidate John Selawsky had overtaken the early lead of Sherri Morton, who had garnered twenty percent to Selawsky’s 22 percent. 

“I want to see more state and federal money come into the Berkeley public school system. If we don’t, we’re doing a real disservice to public education,” Selawsky said, still campaigning early on Tuesday.  

The proof will be in the counting. 


Selawsky is also committed to revitalizing public school art and music programs. 


Rivera said that he looks forward to working with Selawsky. 


“John has been involved in the school district as an educator and parent activist and we welcome him.”