Man who bit his dog to stand trial

The Associated Press
Wednesday November 08, 2000

SAN FRANCISCO — A man has been ordered to stand trial on two counts of animal cruelty after biting his dog. 

Stephen Maul admits he bit his dog, but says he did it to discipline the Labrador mix named Boo after the dog jumped out of Maul’s truck and ran into San Francisco traffic. 

Maul was arrested after the Sept. 9 incident, in which he allegedly forced Boo to the ground and bit him on the neck. That incident is being charged as a felony, and another incident from March is being charged as a misdemeanor. 

Maul’s attorney, Jasper Monti, said the 24-year-old furniture mover simply was using an unorthodox method of dog training, that mimics the dog behavior of male dominance. 

“Nothing here was cruel or hurtful,” Monti said. “It’s the most direct and efficient way to maintain training.” Prosecutor Jun Fernandez said the biting was indeed animal cruelty. 

“This is not normal behavior, a man biting his dog,” Fernandez said.