Man claims Napster is putting him out of business

The Associated Press
Wednesday November 29, 2000

SAN FRANCISCO — A self-described “old hippie” and music producer has filed suit against Bertelsmann BMG’s e-commerce unit, alleging it is helping to finance Napster Inc.’s online music-sharing service. -more-

Bottled water, filtration system interest rises

The Associated Press
Tuesday November 28, 2000

LOS ANGELES — Fears of chromium 6 contamination of drinking water has sparked consumer interest in bottled water and home filtration systems, but health officials assure tap water is still safe to drink. -more-

4,000 Bush supporters protest in Sacramento

The Associated Press
Monday November 27, 2000

SACRAMENTO – Several thousand supporters of Texas Gov. George Bush rallied Saturday at the state Capitol, demanding a halt to the recount of Florida ballots and denouncing Vice President Al Gore. -more-

Nobelist’s speech linking sunshine, sex found ignoble

The Associated Press
Saturday November 25, 2000

BERKELEY — A Nobel laureate’s provocative speech on sunshine and sex left some at the University of California Berkeley campus aghast. -more-

Candidate Dick Cheney hospitalized, has surgery

The Associated Press
Friday November 24, 2000

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