Study: Immigrant poverty on the decline in California

The Associated Press
Tuesday January 23, 2001

The assumption that immigrants are a burden to California’s economy is challenged by a study that found poverty levels have declined among long-term foreign-born residents, researchers said Monday. -more-

Agency picks route for dam bridge

The Associated Press
Saturday January 20, 2001

The Federal Highway Administration on Friday picked a site for a bypass bridge to lift heavy traffic from the Hoover Dam on the Colorado River. -more-

Berkeley High food court concept still off in distance

By Jon Mays Daily Planet staff
Friday January 19, 2001

A group of parents are brainstorming ways to keep more Berkeley High School students on campus for lunch by providing hot lunches and places to sit and eat. -more-

Interim superintendent may keep his post

By Jon Mays Daily Planet staff
Thursday January 18, 2001

Steve Goldstone, named interim superintendent of the Berkeley Unified School District Wednesday night, said he may be interested in becoming the full-time superintendent even though he came out of retirement to take the job. -more-

SF cop on trial in Berkeley domestic abuse case

By Michael A. Coffino Daily Planet Correspondent
Wednesday January 17, 2001

The trial of a San Francisco police officer charged with assaulting a Berkeley woman during a domestic incident during which he allegedly bound her hands with a nylon strap began in Oakland Superior Court Tuesday, as prosecution and defense lawyers met privately with the judge to discuss evidence. -more-

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