Police Briefs

Kenyatte Davis
Tuesday June 26, 2001

A 20 -year-old UC Berkeley student walking home on Channing Way was robbed at gunpoint at 1 a.m. Sunday.  

Lt. Russell Lopes, police spokesperson, said the woman was walking near Telegraph Avenue when a man approached her with a handgun and demanded money. Although she had no cash, she handed the attacker her wallet, Lopes said. The man took her wallet and ran off. The victim was unharmed. 


An Arco gas station was robbed at 3 a.m. Friday by a man who allegedly used only a hand in his pocket to simulate a gun. Lt. Lopes said the suspect walked into the cashier’s booth with his hand in his pocket to make it appear he had a gun and demanded money.  

The lone attendant handed the suspect several hundreds of dollars, and the suspect ran off. Lopes said there were no injuries and there have been no arrests made. The suspect is described as a black 27 year old, 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighing 200 pounds  


A verbal dispute turned violent when one of the men involved allegedly pulled a six-inch knife on the other at Golden Gate Fields at 6 a.m. Friday.  

Lt. Lopes said two horse groomers were arguing when one pulled a knife and attacked the other. The suspect allegedly attempted to stab the victim, but was only able to hit the victim with the butt of the knife causing a bump on the victim’s head. He was not taken to the hospital, The suspect was placed under arrest. 


A man with a knife got away with several hundred dollars from Café Elodie at 2110 Shattuck Ave. at 10:15 a.m. Wednesday. Lt. Lopes said the suspect entered the café while the lone employee was in a closet where only staff is allowed.  

The suspect allegedly walked into the closet and started a conversation with the worker asking if he remembered the suspect giving him an application.  

When the employee said he didn’t know what the suspect was talking about, the suspect pulled a hunting tool with a fixed four-inch blade and reached into the floor safe, Lopes said. The suspect ran off with a bag full of cash. No injuries were reported, and there have been no arrests.