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Tuesday July 31, 2001

With at least one BART union ready to strike, the Daily Planet stopped people at the downtown Berkeley BART station and asked them: What would happen to you if BART stopped service because of a union walk out? How do you think the negotiations should be resolved?  


Ami Moe, Richmond: 

“If BART shut down, I’d probably be out of a job. It would probably add a two-hour commute to my day. The management is trying to monopolize the funds, all the workers want is a day’s pay for a day’s work.” 



Leroy Staples, Oakland: 

“I ride my bike everywhere, unless it’s a long distance, but if BART shut down I would have to ride the bus more. The workers get paid pretty well, but they work hard; they work a lot of hours, they should be paid more.” 



Jamal Muhammad, Berkeley: 

“I would have a longer commute to work, I would have to figure out a bunch of other stuff, it would be a huge struggle. The workers enjoy good pay and good benefits, but I can understand them wanting more. I just hope they keep it running.” 



Jeff Loew, Berkeley: 

“If the BART workers went on strike, it would really affect the way I spend my personal time; since I’m not commuting to work right now, weekends are when it would affect me the most. I don’t know what all the terms are, but I am generally pro-union and I think management is trying to gradually squeeze out workers’ rights.”