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Craig has served the Commission on Disablity with great success

Helen Rippier Wheeler
Saturday August 11, 2001


Parm’ me folks, but the list of “Automatic Terminations” provided in the current City of Berkeley Commissioner’s Manual (pp. 13-14) doesn’t tally with Karen Craig’s sins as reported in the Planet’s Aug. 10 article, “Appointee removed from disabled commission.”  

Members of the new library building’s accessibility committee, on which she has been working, seemingly were not contacted for your “coverage.” Craig was recruited to the Commission on Disability. She has served successfully and congenially as vice chair, chair, and currently as outreach subcommittee chair.  

Many of the Commission’s and her achievements in behalf of disabled persons also enhance others’ lives, e.g. lobbying to get the STUFF off sidewalks and getting City policies enforced. She has negotiated with banks for double panel doors (now required on City buildings). She’s been working with restaurants on Braille menus. AC Transit has felt her influence, etc. What’s wrong with Karen? She’s a strong senior woman!  


Helen Rippier Wheeler