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Bigots and fountains in City Hall

Stuart Sidells Berkele
Tuesday August 14, 2001



Congratulations to Kriss Worthington for his tireless efforts to expose discrimination in all its ugly guises, most recently the Boy Scouts of America. 

There are other, perhaps more sinister, organizations operating openly in our Berkeley society which should be similarly exposed for blatant discriminatory policies.  

For instance, groups which oppose a woman’s right to choose, misleadingly referred to as Pro-Lifers, discriminate against women, which is also sexist. Fundamentalist Christians, Roman Catholics, and Mormons fit this profile. 

Why members of these and other discriminating organizations continue to be permitted to use Berkeley public facilities such as City Hall, its drinking fountains and bathrooms, should be disturbing to all Berkeley peoples. 

Here’s hoping Mr. Worthington will next turn his attentions to these other discriminatory groups, expose them too, and root them out. Go get ‘em Kriss! 


Stuart Sidells