Researchers predict 42 percent of HIV in San Francisco will resist drug treatment within four years

By Randolph E. Schmid Associated Press Writer
Saturday September 01, 2001

WASHINGTON — The share of HIV infections that are drug-resistant will jump to 42 percent in San Francisco by 2005, according to a team of researchers. -more-

Fire at frat blamed on pot lights

Bay City News
Friday August 31, 2001

Police and fire officials in Berkeley say that a small fire at a University of California fraternity on Tuesday was caused by lights that were being used to grow hydroponic marijuana. -more-

Marin executives indicted in nuclear testing sale

The Associated Press
Thursday August 30, 2001

SAN FRANCISCO — A federal grand jury has indicted three executives of a Marin County electronics firm, accusing them of illegally selling gear to India that could be used to make nuclear weapons, prosecutors said Wednesday. -more-

State SAT scores stay stable nationally

The Associated Press
Wednesday August 29, 2001

SACRAMENTO — This year’s California high school graduates thinking about college increased their scores slightly on their college-entrance tests in English skills, but dropped in math. -more-

Japanese firm hopes green tea catches on here

Tuesday August 28, 2001

LOS ANGELES — Steaming, swamp green and topped with whipped cream, the chocolatey “o-cha mocha” drink is the brainchild of Japanese executives hoping to do for green tea what Starbucks has done for coffee. -more-

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