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Call for help in promoting peace

Suzan Bollich
Friday September 14, 2001


This is a call in response to my fear, my sadness, that the United States President, and his many supporters, locally and globally (the United Nations) will commit obligatory military retaliation, possibly with nuclear weaponry. I fear that a gravely enormous, overarching deadly means of misguided aggressive retaliation is immanently probable. To this end, I ask your help now in promoting community peace before the United States and other countries commit war on soon to be identified targets. Acting now for peace on the community level will create more peaceful communities in times of near-future aggression. 

Please join me and others in a counter response to violence by promoting deep peace in your local communities and neighborhoods. Today, I heard accounts of local aggression on people of color, and those appearing Mid Eastern. I heartily believe that the promotion of strong peace efforts now will deter future community separation, such as acts of aggression due to misguided hatred, and people fighting people out of fear.  

I ask you now to plant seeds of peace, for peace in your local communities. This can be done through loving actions such as organized peace walks, community prayer circles, looking into other's eyes--really seeing others, going gently, and directly speaking kind words of peace. We must plant seeds of peace. Do so in the checkout lines, in your workplace, with people on the streets, with your neighbors. Please act boldly for peace now. Peace begets peace. Please devote your every mindful action to the cultivation of other's and Earth's peace.  

Please join with family, friends, with the person next to you in the cafe, offering intentional words and prayer for deep peace. Please be with deep peace, carry peace on your shoulders, practice peace in your words and actions, touch peace with your delicate finger tips, hold peace in your eyes, listen to Earth's peace. Please stand, sit, walk, talk, and make love unabashedly in peace, for peace. 

Join me and other Peace Walkers Sunday the 16th at 6 p.m. for a peace walk commencing and ending in the Elmwood district at the corners of College and Russell. 

May all act in Peace, 

Suzan Bollich