Another side to winemaking story

Steve Freedkin
Friday September 28, 2001


While Robert Mondavi gains “points” with a large contribution to the University of California (Daily Planet, Sept. 20), there is a the dark side to the Mondavi winemaking family: A concerted union-busting effort. 

The Mondavis (specifically, Peter Jr. and Marc Mondavi) have locked out the workers at their Krug Winery in St. Helena, Calif. since July 3.  

They are attempting to divide and conquer the workers by offering pay raises to a few while cutting pay to most – at a time when the winery is posting a 45 percent increase in sales. 

The 43 workers of the last unionized wine-production crew in Napa Valley remain united, though suffering as they are kept from their jobs. 

Krug Winery sells under the names Charles Krug and C.K. Mondavi.  

Boycotting these products is one more way to pressure the Mondavis to end the lock-out and bargain in good faith. 


Steve Freedkin