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Too bad Arafat said no

Devora Liss
Monday October 01, 2001



Cheryl Leung (letters to the editor, Thursday Sept. 27) must wake up and realize what SJP stands for. While she claims that SJP doesn’t want the destruction of Israel, we must all take a hard look at the name the group has chosen. Palestine, currently doesn't exist. Historical Palestine was all of what is now Israel and Jordan. Thus, they should be looking for justice in Jordan as well. I don't hear anyone protesting against the 15 percent Hashimites who rule the 85 percent Palestinians that make up Jordanian population. If they are discussing the administered territories (West Bank, Gaza), they should be turning to Arafat who is running a corrupt autonomy. SJP is not concerned with Jordanian policies and is not demanding explanations from Arafat.  

Instead, they turn to Israel demanding solutions. Their definition of Palestine is Israel in its entirety. Arafat was offered a Palestine in Camp David, July 2000. Too bad he couldn’t say yes. 


Devora Liss