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Correcting the record

Linda Maio
Friday October 19, 2001


Both the Associated Press and United Press International wire services issued wrong information about what the Berkeley City Council did regarding the bombing of Afghanistan. We did not condemn the bombing in Afghanistan, as both AP and UPI published. Here is the essence of the action five councilmembers took:  

We deplored the September 11th attack, honored the victims whose lives were lost so tragically, honored our firefighters and police and the many volunteers. We asked our representatives to “help break the cycle of violence, bringing the bombing to a conclusion as soon as possible, avoiding actions that would endanger the lives of innocent people in Afghanistan, and minimizing the risk to American military personnel.”  

Because the media needs juice every day, we became that juice. AP issued a corrected wire, but bad news had already been spread, and used, across the nation. Ours is a city with a deep history of speaking out on matters of importance. 

Our democracy is what makes it possible for all voices to be heard. It is part of our strength.  

And because we rely on the news media for our information, they need to get it right, especially at a time like this.  


Linda Maio 

Berkeley City Council, District 1