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Some will boycott others will come because of stand

Lloyd Andres Berkeley
Tuesday October 23, 2001


The Daily Planet received this letter addressed to Mayor Shirley Dean: 


I read that you are receiving considerable correspondence condemning the City of Berkeley’s stand to end the bombing of Afganistan as soon as possible. But what else could Berkeley do? Certainly we don’t support the killing of innocents in this country or abroad.  

When leaders take us down the path of action that leads to more innocent deaths and destruction, what do we do? Is it unpatriotic to ask that justice be done without causing hardship to those who were not involved in the crime?  

Its alright to carry the flag for truth and for “liberty and justice for all”.  

( I wouldn’t want to carry it for any other reason.)  

Its alright to differ from what the majority believe.  

This is why I like living in the United States and especially Berkeley. 

There will be some who will boycott Berkeley business because of the city’s call to end the bombing as soon as possible. Then again there will be others attracted to Berkeley business because of our stand against the killing of innocents.  

I like to think that Berkeley is not one to isolate itself from the hardships faced by others, either here at home or around the world.  


Lloyd Andres