This is not Viet Nam – 6,000 innocents died

Timothy McCluskey
Saturday October 27, 2001


As a Citizen of Berkeley I am outraged and disgusted that Resolution No. 61,310-N.S. was brought before the Berkeley City Council. This is not a Viet Nam! The country is still reeling from the vicious terrorist attacks where 6,000 innocent U.S. citizens died, and more die daily due to possible bio-terrorism attacks currently being played out in Our Great Country. Every firehouse in NYC has lost at least one member of their brotherhood and some lost as many as 15 firefighters at some firehouses. This resolution creates the image of Berkeley as pithy, divisive, opportunistic and out of touch with reality and I don’t believe reflects the majority of Berkeley voters. 

Councilperson Worthington’s statement to the press regarding the proposal showed his nearsightedness: “This sort of proposal”, he said, “plays into the “Berserkeley” image that attracts national attention to the city and benefits the economy.” “Tourists come to Berkeley because of all the attention the bastion of liberalism generates.”  

Perhaps your progressive vision needs an adjustment in light of the Berkeley boycott now gaining steam in this country. 

Also Dona Spring’s comment to the press: “The U.S. is now a terrorist. According to the Taliban these are terrorist attacks.” Dona, perhaps you should listen to the cries of terror from your oppressed Afghani sisters rather than the lies of Taliban thugs. The Taliban certainly didn’t avoid actions that could and would and have endangered the lives of innocent people in Afghanistan. 

Now, as a result of your short sighted view, you have brought suffering to Berkeley busineses. Grow up, wake up, and do the job you were hired for. 

Think Globally and act Locally - I will - at the next city elections! 


Timothy McCluskey 



Editor’s note: Spring says the Daily Cal misquoted her.