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Groans for Audie

Hank Chapot
Sunday October 28, 2001


The loud groans heard across the East Bay last week were from local Green activists upon hearing Audie Bock announce for Congress. Though her departure from the Greens to the Democrats improved both parties, let there be no doubt; the local, state and national Green Party supports Barbara Lee and her brave vote against a blank check for war making. Audie Bock threw away the only constituency she ever had when she left the Green party and it was a slap in the face to a lot of hard working people. 

She obviously didn’t hear the voice of the voters when she failed to get re-elected, and like any other politician needing another campaign, she seems to think she can go to Washington on the back of a brave congessional leader besieged during troubled times. As one who groaned the loudest, I want to apologize to the voters of the 16th District for foisting Audie on them in the first place. In politics, sometimes you get a lemon. 

Hank Chapot