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Get heads out of sand The Daily Planet received a copy of this letter to the City

Charles Guion Baton Rouge, LA
Tuesday October 30, 2001

When you pass a resolution you are assuming to speak for the citizens of your city. I can't imagine that an entire city is as blind to the truth as its elected representatives. 

In case you pull your head out of the sand in the near future, maybe you will realize that our enemies do not want to smoke a joint with you, or ask for your forgiveness, they want to kill us, all of us, you included, including your children and/or your grandchildren. Maybe you should go to New York City and witness the absolute carnage, to breathe in the smell of death, and help pickup the body parts of those that were murdered by our enemies. 

If you can't accept this and want to continue to be traitors to this country, maybe you will consider giving up your citizenship and try living in a country that will kill you simply for opening your stupid mouth. 


Charles Guion 

Baton Rouge, LA