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Sad when pacifist council attacked

Friday November 02, 2001



It's sad to see Berkeleyans attacking their City Council for a desire to stop the violence - over here and over there. I grew up in New York. My mother still lives there. I went to school with people buried in the rubble. Of course, its a terrible thing. The question is whether cluster-bombing Afghanistan, supporting the Israeli occupation and denying Iraq medicine for curable diseases makes it more or less likely that it will happen again.  

People keep saying they don't want to understand why. But then the United States had better be able to defend ourselves a lot better than we have been able to so far, because I doubt the attacks will stop. New recruits to the Jihad are streaming across the Pakistani border every day. A generation of Afghans and Palestinians and Iraquis holds us directly responsible for the loss of their loved ones. They're not running out of suicide bombers.  

Me, I'd rather try to figure out what we can do the change the foreign policy of our government. I much prefer that to dying over it.  


Tracy Rosenberg 

San Francisco