U.S. actions lead to more violence

Diana Perry
Friday November 16, 2001


The current course of U.S. actions will only perpetuate the endless cycle of violence and cannot lead to a world at peace. It is unconscionable for our national leaders to ignore the urgent pleas of international relief agencies who call for a halt 

in bombing so that humanitarian aid can be distributed to the 7 million Afghan refugees at risk of dying from starvation and exposure to bitter winter cold. How can our government expect us to look the other way while such a catastrophe occurs? And how can our government devalue the sensibilities of 1.2 billion Muslims the world over by planning to drop bombs during the Holy month of Ramadan? These actions are ill-advised and will likely result in a legacy of shame. I applaud the great courage of our Representative, Barbara Lee, who called for restraint and reason during this critical time in history, and I commend the Berkeley City Council for passing a pro-peace resolution that was motivated by a sense of compassion and responsibility for the innocent victims of war.  


Diana Perry