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Thanks to City Council for voting for peace

Monday November 19, 2001

The Berkeley Daily Planet received this letter addressed to the Berkeley City Council: 


“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” 

— Gahndi 

“My country is the world’s largest purveyor of violence in the world.”  

— Dr. Martin Luther Jr. 


First, Americans wonder why our society has kids that shoot up high schools. We have no further to look than at the model we as adults and a nation provide. The United States’ extremely violent and oppressive foreign policy (led by the Pentagon, US multinational corporations and the CIA) is one major aspect of why our kids are so violent. It is estimated that US foreign policy is responsible for at least 8 million dead people worldwide since 1950. 

Imagine how many families worldwide have been destroyed by all our violence.  

We have irrresponsible conservative Talk show hosts and media talking heads urging revenge and violence at home and abroad. Who could blame the kids who shoot up their schools when they are simply modeling the adults’ behaviors/ 

Secondly, where is the evidence that bin Laden and the Taliban actually committed these acts? Our government has presented zero solid evidence of this, only propoganda and fear mongering. It is a fact the U.S. government has been withholding any evicence they may have. 

Thank you so much for your courageous stand against more war and violence. 

You realize how critical it is to humanities’ survival to get off our cycles of more pain and violence onto the firm ground of love, community, and peace. 

I will be patronizing as many local establishments as possible. 


Scott McCandless