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WTC dead minding own business

Frank M. Rivers
Thursday November 22, 2001


I realize that the letter by the two 8-year-old Berkeley girls were probably well-intended. However, both adults and children need to be reminded that the people in the World Trade Center were “minding their business” when two planes, overtaken by terrorists whose only intention was to kill Americans, crashed into the towers and exploded. So, the president is definitely “minding our business” to see to it that these terrorists (and their associated regimes) are brought to justice. 

True, innocent Afghan civilians have lost their lives, but we should remember that innocent Americans have given and will give their lives to protect the freedoms we cherish in this country.  

Also, considering how cold-blooded these terrorists have proven themselves to be, I doubt seriously that they will stop bombing or hurting us if we stop bombing them. We are not dealing with reasonable folk here; these people are unreasonable, irrational murderers, and should be dealt with accordingly. 


Frank M. Rivers