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No right wing in this galaxy

Tom McHenry
Thursday November 22, 2001


It’s a great public service you perform at the Berkeley Planet by printing letters from other planets. I enjoyed the recent (11/13) perspective piece you printed from the “Dona Spring” who appears to be a city council member in a parallel universe, where there are “conservative” and “right-wing” members of the council. Here on planet Earth, of course, all the members of the Berkeley City Council occupy a tiny little ledge somewhere to the left of center, where they seem to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to consolidate their own personal power and push the other members off the ledge. Maybe in the parallel universe, if there are any real philosophical differences between the council members, they actually spend time on meaningful policy choices, rather than the endless, meaningless, debilitating, and pathetic political infighting that seems to be the best our council has to offer. Or, of course, maybe there is no parallel universe and the letter from Dona is just another example of the how ludicrous our own council has become. Either way, thanks to the Berkeley Planet for staying on top of intergalactic opinion! 


Tom McHenry