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Ecocity plan provides flexibility

Sylvia McLaughlin Berkeley
Tuesday December 04, 2001


Without a doubt we all would like to return to the days of a smaller student population. Realistically, the fact is that the city, as well as the university, needs to start planning now for the coming increase in students. 

This increase will also require additional faculty and staff. 

Appropriately designed and sited housing and commercial development can enhance the downtown and, in so doing, can complement and make possible the restoration of the creeks and greenways connecting the hills, campus and downtown to the Eastshore State Park. 

With permitted and encouraged creative planning, the coming increase in population will benefit Berkeley's revitalized downtown and at the same time the city can become an urban, environmental model. 

I enthusiastically endorse this Amendment and urge the Council to vote its adoption. 


Sylvia McLaughlin