Father of two dead children recently charged with theft

The Associated Press
Thursday December 27, 2001

NEWPORT, Ore. — Christian Longo, the father of the boy and girl found dead in Waldport last week, has a history of fraud and was recently charged with theft in Lincoln County. 

Christian Michael Longo, 27, was charged Dec. 11 with a crime that occurred Sept. 12. It is one of the few details that emerged Tuesday about the parents of Zachary Michael Longo, 5, and Sadie Ann Longo, 3, whose deaths have been ruled homicides. 

The whereabouts of Christian Longo; his wife, Mary Jane Longo, 35; and their youngest child, Madison Longo, 2, remained unknown Tuesday. 

Zachary’s body was discovered Wednesday floating about two feet from shore near the mouth of Lint Slough, which empties into Alsea Bay. 

Divers searching for evidence Saturday recovered Sadie’s body submerged in water about 150 yards from where her brother was found. 

Police spent Christmas Day following about a dozen leads called in since Monday, Lincoln County District Attorney Bernice Barnett said. Autopsies of the children have been completed, but the results are being withheld by the medical examiner. 

The family moved to Oregon from Michigan in the past few months. It is not known why the family relocated. 

Before their move to Oregon, the Longos spent at least seven years in Michigan. 

In 1997, the Longos bought a brick ranch-style house. In 2000, the house had a market value of roughly $80,000. Using his new home as a base, Christian Longo opened a construction cleaning firm in February 2000. 

In October, Longo was placed on three-year probation for forgery and writing bad checks in Washtenaw County. Those charges stemmed from June 2000, according to Department of Corrections records. 

Two months later, Longo was charged with larceny. The outcome of that charge is unclear. The Washtenaw County Circuit Court recently issued a warrant on Longo for a probation violation. 

In May, the Longos sold the house to Aretha Evans and her husband. Evans said she quickly began repairing the ailing house. 

Several times, Evans came home to find court papers addressed to Christian Longo pinned to the door. 

People claiming to be Longo’s former clients also began showing up, complaining about the job he had — or hadn’t — done. 

One day, a sheriff’s deputy appeared on her doorstep with one of Longo’s clients. 

“I thought, ‘Oh gosh, why did we buy this house?”’ said Evans, 50. 

Barnett, the Lincoln County district attorney, said she had no information about Christian Longo’s recent theft charge. Lincoln County Circuit Judge Robert J. Huckleberry on Dec. 17 denied a motion to issue a warrant for Longo’s arrest. 

Barnett refused to divulge if police think the Longo parents were victims themselves or were somehow involved in their children’s deaths. Barnett said investigators might release photos of the Longos on Wednesday, so the public can help police find them.