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Proud of National Guard service

Major General Paul D. Monroe,Jr. The Adjutant General California National Guard Berkeley resident
Saturday January 12, 2002


I am extremely proud of the California National Guard, its units and people. The indelible spirit of our soldiers, airmen, and civilians demonstrates a commitment to our state and nation that is absolutely essential in a dangerous and unpredictable world.  

Over 5,000 of our people are currently serving our state and nation throughout the world. This premier force of dedicated and qualified soldiers and airmen, significantly contributes to the security of our nation, and insures the public safety of the citizens of our state.  

These soldiers and airmen voluntarily separate themselves from the comforts of family and career. They face hardship, danger, and risk their lives in the service of their state and nation.  

They provide security for our airports, bridges, and installations; and are conducting rotations throughout the world in support of Operations Noble Eagle and Enduring Freedom. The California National Guard has performed magnificently in its response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Soldiers and airmen have repeatedly demonstrated their mission readiness through the knowledge and professionalism they bring to their duties.  

Some units have been assigned duties above and beyond their primary missions. In each instance, however, all units have met or exceeded mission criteria. The men and women of the California Guard are well trained, disciplined, and guided by concerned and capable leaders. 

In my 40 years of service in the California National Guard, I have experienced many deployments and responses to national and state emergencies. This is the largest mobilization of the California National Guard since the Korean War, when the 40th Infantry Division was federalized. The California National Guard has never been more ready or performed more efficiently. Important to these high levels of commitment is the continued support of the public. 

The men and women of the California National Guard exemplify the best of our nation. Californians should be very proud of them. I am deeply honored to serve with them as the commander of this nation’s finest National Guard.  

We thank you for your support. 


Major General Paul D.  


The Adjutant General 

California National Guard 

Berkeley resident