CHP led in early morning chase between 24 and 580

By John O’Brien Special to the Daily Planet
Tuesday January 15, 2002

The California Highway Patrol was involved in a two-vehicle crash this morning at the connector ramp between state Highway 24 and eastbound Interstate 580 in Oakland while pursuing a stolen vehicle. The chase started when Vallejo police spotted the vehicle at 2:30 a.m. 

“(The Vallejo police) turned it over to California Highway Patrol units when the Contra Costa CHP got involved,” said Sgt. Lum of the Oakland CHP. 

The chase effectively ended when the primary CHP unit lost control and spun out, slamming into a sidewall. The accident caused a second CHP unit to crash into the opposing sidewall to avoid a collision with the lead unit.  

Oakland Officer Travis Herbert and Sgt. B.J. Whittan were both involved in the accident, but emerged unscathed. 

The chase from Vallejo to Oakland lasted roughly 20 minutes.  

“It doesn’t take very long at 125 mph,” said Lum. 

The stolen vehicle, a Honda Prelude, was recovered Monday morning intact at 58th Street and Shattuck Avenue. 

According to Lum, they “have a pretty good idea” who the suspect is, though they declined to release the suspect’s name. 

The connector ramp was reopened about an hour after the chase ended.  

At deadline, the suspect had not been taken into custody.