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City Hall lights are on 24/7; are city servants working that hard?

Mary Ann Brewin
Monday January 21, 2002


In response to Berkeley LITE of January 16, by Judith Scherr, I have been asking the powers-that-be at City Hall for many years now why they have the lights on 24/7. I have phoned, written, emailed. Sometimes I get an answer such as “it’s for the custodians who clean all night”(!), or more recently it was because of the remodeling that was being done. It seems they were working all day and all night (! again). When I pointed out that this was a poor example to the citizens of Berkeley of how to save energy, I was assured the lights would be turned off as soon as the work was done, probably early October, 2001. From my experience I doubt that anything will get those lights turned off at night, but I sincerely hope that Scherr’s efforts with Rene Cardinaux will prevail, and thank her for taking the time. 


Mary Ann Brewin