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A Butterfly sails into town

Friday March 22, 2002

Julia Butterfly Hill, who gained international attention with her two-year tree-sit in an ancient redwood in Northern California, gets Katherine Yoshii’s signature for a Heritage Tree Preservation Ballot Initiative outside the Berkeley Bowl Thursday. The initiative, organized by Citizens Campaign for Old Growth and the Sierra Club Bay Chapter, aims to protect trees older than the state of California.  

Hill, who lived in the branches of a tree in Humbolt County, works out of an office just south of the Berkeley-Oakland border. She greeted old friends from her tree-sitting days, as well as introduced herself to newcomers to the issue.  

“This community is so active on so many issues,” said Hill. “People in the Berkeley area are so committed to taking charge of their lives. I really like that.” 

Hill will be appearing at Berkeley Bowl again this afternoon, as well as other markets in the Bay Area.  


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