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Brokaw, Jennings anchoring evening news from Arab League summit

The Associated Press
Saturday March 23, 2002

NEW YORK — Tom Brokaw and Peter Jennings will both anchor their evening news programs from Beirut, Lebanon next week, where the Arab League is holding its summit. 

At CBS, Dan Rather briefly considered postponing a long-planned vacation next week upon learning his rivals were headed to the Middle East, a spokeswoman said. 

In the end, Rather decided to carry through with his vacation plans. Middle East correspondent David Hawkins will cover the summit for CBS. 

It has become relatively unusual for the network anchors to take their programs on overseas trips. ABC’s Jennings last did it two years ago to accompany former President Clinton on his trip to India, and NBC’s Brokaw was in Russia two years ago to interview Vladimir Putin. 

Rather took two separate trips to Afghanistan to cover the war on terrorism, but neither Jennings nor Brokaw ventured over there. 

Brokaw will anchor the “Nightly News” aboard the naval carrier the U.S.S. Stennis, stationed in the Arabian Sea, on Monday. Depending on his travel schedule, he plans to anchor from Lebanon starting Tuesday. 

Jennings, a former ABC News bureau chief in Beirut, will report from that city on Monday through Thursday.