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Gaia building’s cultural events will enrich Berkeley

Susan Page Berkeley
Tuesday April 09, 2002



As a patron of Berkeley’s arts and culture community, I am thrilled that the zoning board this week voted to issue the use permit so that The Gaia Building’s new cultural venue can begin construction. The collaboration of GAIA, Shotgun Players, Central Works, and various arts and educational uses at The Gaia Building will greatly enrich the downtown arts district menu of offerings. 

As many book lovers already know, our beloved GAIA Bookstore is alive and flourishing as the GAIA Arts and Cultural Center. The active community that  

formed around the bookstore has been gathering in The Gaia Building’s spectacular 7th-floor rooftop/solarium room, where stunning views and an elegant Italian villa-like roof garden are the setting for GAIA’s author events, art exhibits, film screenings, writing salons and lectures. And the indefatigable community builder Patrice Wynne is still the energy behind it.  

Many more events are planned for the larger performance area downstairs (still under construction), when GAIA begins programming later this year. 

I believe I speak for many in the revitalized GAIA community in expressing gratitude to Patrice Wynne and Gaia Building developer Patrick Kennedy, for without their long-term collaboration, GAIA, this quintessential Berkeley institution, might have faded away. 


(To stay informed of GAIA Arts and Cultural Center Events call 848-4242 or e-mail: gaiaartsculturalctr@earthlink. net). 


Susan Page