‘Not in our Name’ stands against war, occupation of West Bank

By Devona Walker, Daily Planet Staff
Friday June 07, 2002

Approximately 275 antiwar demonstrators converged at Martin Luther King Jr. park yesterday evening to kick off a nationwide protest of all aggression and violence against civilians. The coalition, “Not in our Name,” stands against war, Israeli occupation of the West Bank, increased aggression between India and Pakistan and the U.S. extending military to aid to be used against all people. -more-

LA boy’s death ruled accidental

The Associated Press
Thursday June 06, 2002

LOS ANGELES – A 7-year-old boy whose body was found in a mansion pool days after he disappeared drowned accidentally, the coroner’s office said Wednesday. -more-

Study: TV diversity still lags in quantity, quality

By Lynn Elber, The Associated Press
Wednesday June 05, 2002

LOS ANGELES – African-Americans get more television turf than other minorities but pay a price: Black characters tend to be segregated in sitcoms and by network, a study released Tuesday found. -more-

Police search for boy who vanished

The Associated Press
Tuesday June 04, 2002

LOS ANGELES – Police searched some of the most expensive real estate in the city Monday for a 7-year-old boy who vanished during a weekend birthday party in Westwood. -more-

Some schools consider going organic

By Colleen Valles, The Associated Press
Monday June 03, 2002

PALO ALTO – While unhealthy school meals are prompting legislators around the country to consider laws making them better, some California school districts are hoping to achieve that goal by going organic. -more-


Saturday June 01, 2002

In 1792, Kentucky became the 15th state of the union. -more-


Saturday June 01, 2002

On June 29, 1776, the Virginia state constitution was adopted, and Patrick Henry made governor. -more-

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