Maintenance crew dumps soapy water into Strawberry Creek

By David Scharfenberg Daily Planet staff
Tuesday June 11, 2002

On Friday morning a UC Berkeley maintenance crew accidentally discharged soapy water into Strawberry Creek, which runs through the campus. 

An employee of the university’s Office of Environment, Health & Safety found the spill. Using storm drain maps, officials traced it to the Spieker Aquatics Complex. 

Steve Maranzana, environmental specialist for the office, said maintenance crew members believed they were pouring soapy water into a sanitary sewer drain, not Strawberry Creek.  

Maranzana said the fish in the creek appeared unharmed. He urged anyone who discovers a creek spill in the future to call his office at 642-3073. 

“The more eyes we have on the lookout, the faster we can respond and minimize the environmental impact,” Maranzana said.