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Let’s be rational

Jane Stillwater
Wednesday June 26, 2002

To the Editor: 

The human race has been at war for over ten thousand years and just look at us. We have nothing but bigger and better weapons, more and more people slaughtered, larger and larger death counts. We have proved conclusively that violence does not work. 

War always leads to more war. 

Punishment always leads to resistance. 

It is time for us to unilaterally change to a more rational approach to problem solving. The only other alternative is total human annihilation. 

National and world leaders show us daily that their main goal in life is to accumulate wealth and power in every greedy, petty little way that they can. If we are ever going to have a future as a race, this approach to world politics has got to stop. 

Without love, peace and more love, none of us have a future. Love stands for “looking for good.” Let’s start looking for good in the human race (instead of just bombing it and exploiting it) – and give ourselves a future. 


Jane Stillwater