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Agnostics want recognition

Sonja Fitz
Saturday June 29, 2002

To the Editor: 

I’m sorry people are so offended by the desire of atheists and agnostics to be recognized as a legitimate and welcome part of the national fabric, as loyal citizens, and as worthy of the same respect that people of different faiths profess to pay each other.  

I’m sick of being assumed by many to lack ethics because I don't believe in God. I love and care for my family and friends. I respect and look out for my neighbors and fellow community members. I believe in democracy and I vote regularly. I work, volunteer, and practice random acts of kindness.  

Godless does not equal amoral. This ruling is long overdue. I don't undersand the controversey.  

Do we have separation of church and state or don't we? Are those of us who don't believe in God equal citizens or aren't we?  


Sonja Fitz 

Berkeley, CA