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Let's move past Sept. 11

Arthur B. Waugh
Tuesday September 17, 2002

To the Editor: 

The Patriot Act has been widely condemned by plenty of main streamers. In fact I am surprised it took Berkeley so long. 

Congratulations are in order. In as much as we don’t live in New York I hope we can say we have fully honored those who died and can now get on with our lives. It was not another Pearl Harbor. We are lucky the fatalities were so small, especially compared with worldwide mortalities from starvation and diseases.  

I fail to see the connection between suicide bombers and the Islamic religion just as I see no relation between pro-lifers who bomb clinics and Christianity. I am astonished that there are those in the world who would attack academics in general for asking about the cause of the bombers’ hatred. If one has cancer surely one can ask a physician where it came from.  


Arthur B. Waugh