Iraq accepts return of U.N.

The Associated Press
Tuesday September 17, 2002

UNITED NATIONS — Iraq unconditionally accepted the return of U.N. weapons inspectors late Monday, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said, nearly four years after the inspectors left Baghdad. -more-

Union City Police: ‘Citizens stay calm’

Daily Plan´t Wire Service
Monday September 16, 2002

The Union City Police Department sought to reassure citizens Saturday that a brutal triple homicide this week was not a random outbreak of violence. -more-

Three held in possible terrorism hoax

By Rachel La Crote The Associated Press
Saturday September 14, 2002

NAPLES — Three men reportedly overheard talking about a terrorist plot were pulled over and detained for 17 hours Friday before authorities said the men were apparently kidding around and released them. -more-

Oakland police ‘Riders’ trial begins this week

By Kim CurtisThe Associated Press
Friday September 13, 2002

OAKLAND — Two summers ago, a band of four Oakland police officers who called themselves “The Riders,” patrolled the streets, administering their own brand of justice. -more-

Two Richmond waste cleanup sites approved for development

Thursday September 12, 2002

RICHMOND – State officials have announced the completion of two waste cleanups in Richmond, laying the foundation for future development. -more-

5-alarm brush fire burns home

Daily Planet Wire Service
Wednesday September 11, 2002

OAKLAND – The Oakland Fire Department reports that a large brush fire in the hilly Oak Knoll neighborhood was contained Tuesday afternoon after burning 10 to 15 acres. -more-

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