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A call to open the debate to Camejo

Howard G Chong
Friday September 27, 2002

To the Editor: 

Sacramento's “News 10” reports that 69 percent of voters would like to see Green Party gubernatorial candidate Peter Camejo in the Oct. 7 televised debate. Camejo has deep roots in Berkeley, having been active as an anti-war activist in Berkeley in the 60s – active enough that the powers-that-be expelled him after he won the presidency for the Associated Students of the University of California. 

Camejo espouses the positive platform of the Green Party and advocates for reforming our massive prison and criminal justice system, helping to fix our economy by making corporations responsible (not just accountable), and protecting our environment by having California take a leadership role in renewable energy. 

Davis, always the politician, is aiming to smear Simon and to ignore Camejo. Davis has refused to debate Camejo. Politicians, however, should not control the media. Berkeley has always stood for free speech. To open up the debates to other views (and there is a mountain of other views between Davis and Simon), Camejo, who is the leading third party candidate, needs to be included. This is a very Berkeley issue. 

If you agree, write the Los Angeles Times at  

demanding that Peter Camejo be included in the Oct. 7 gubernatorial debate. Point out that it is not their decision, that the people of California want Peter in the debate and that they, as a media outlet serving the public, must respect the will of the electorate. 


Howard G Chong 

Berkeley Rent Board candidate