Homeless man shot in Oakland drive-by

Daily Planet Wire Service
Tuesday October 01, 2002

OAKLAND – Oakland police are investigating a drive-by shooting in which a homeless man was wounded outside St. Francis Bakery early Monday. 

Officer Downum says the victim and another man scaled a security fence at 1125 67th St. and were searching for pastries in the bakery's trash bin when a car drove past and open fired. 

One of the men suffered several gunshot wounds to the leg. Police say he is currently in stable condition in an area hospital. 

Neither of the men could provide information about the suspects, police say. 

Though there were no other eyewitnesses, the gunshots were heard by local residents, who called police at 1:53 a.m. 

Downum said there is no known motive for shooting and that the suspects are still outstanding at this time.