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Callahan calls penalties ‘aggravating’

The Associated Press
Tuesday October 01, 2002

ALAMEDA — Almost everything has gone right for the Oakland Raiders, yet coach Bill Callahan is aggravated with one aspect — all the senseless penalties. 

“I think we’re a long ways yet (from perfection),” Callahan said Monday, a day after the Raiders (3-0) routed the Tennessee Titans 52-25. “There are areas we need to shore up, the penalty situation for one.” 

The Raiders had four major penalties Sunday. 

Longtime center Barret Robbins was called for two personal fouls, including one in the second quarter in which he appeared to be poked in the eye, then reacted by throwing a punch at Titans defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth. 

The drive resulted in a field goal, not a touchdown. 

Then, in the third quarter, Robbins was whistled for unnecessary roughness, and offensive tackle Lincoln Kennedy picked up a personal foul. By then with such a lead, the drives were meaningless, but the mental mistakes still have Callahan fuming. 

“It was completely and totally uncalled for, for us to lose our poise and discipline,” Callahan said. “It’s intolerable to put us behind as a team when we have an opportunity to score. It was aggravating. That was addressed and will be addressed.” 

Speaking of Robbins’ reaction to Haynesworth, Callahan added, “The retaliation foul is totally uncalled for.” 

Robbins, an eight-year NFL veteran, claims Haynesworth had his hand in Robbins’ face mask and scratched his lip and hit him in the nose. Robbins hopes he won’t be fined for throwing the punch.