Iraq war resolution gains momentum

The Associated Press
Thursday October 03, 2002

WASHINGTON — Democrats and Republicans in Congress began closing ranks Wednesday behind a resolution giving President Bush broad authority to use military force against Iraq. 

Bush hailed the development and suggested war with Baghdad could become “unavoidable” if Saddam Hussein does not disarm. 

Full compliance with all U.N. Security Council demands “is the only choice and the time remaining for that choice is limited,” Bush said, standing with top congressional leaders in the Rose Garden. 

Bush struck a deal on the resolution with House leaders in the morning, and momentum quickly built behind it throughout the day. Leaders of both parties predicted passage, probably next week, by large margins. 

“Mr. President, we delivered for your father. We will deliver for you,” said Sen. John Warner of Virginia, the senior Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee. In January 1991, Congress authorized the first President Bush to use force to reverse Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait.