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It’s election time again

Carrie Olson
Saturday October 05, 2002

To the Editor: 


Herb Caen once wrote that you can tell it is election season in Berkeley when the streets are being repaved. Many elections have been decided over potholes. Our mayor knew to head this one off and make sure the roads were smooth. That is really nice, but did we have to wait eight years for an election? 

Yard signs are popping up all over. Great sign of personal expression. But what about those signs on streetlights and telephone poles? Unnecessary visual sign blight has long been considered bad taste in Berkeley. An impersonal sign is not a sign of community support. It is just a sign of a campaign who paid someone to put up signs. Interesting that one of the culprits has been one of our most dogged environmental watchers. 

Don’t forget to vote Tuesday Nov. 5. Make a difference right here where you live. 


Carrie Olson