Baseball bet tests civic pride

Kate Berry The Associated Press
Thursday October 17, 2002

ANAHEIM — With civic pride and a lot of publicity about their World Series bet at stake, San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown refused to wear mouse ears. 

So if the Anaheim Angels win, Brown will don a cowboy hat. If the Giants triumph, Anaheim Mayor Tom Daly will wear a specially designed black and orange fedora. 

“I think Mayor Brown will look cute,” Daly said Wednesday. 

The cowboy hat is in homage to late Angels owner Gene Autry, who was America’s original singing cowboy. The fedora is a nod to the stylish Brown, who favors expensive suits and sophisticated hats. 

Daly also agreed to host a family from San Francisco for a weekend at the amusement parks in Anaheim if the Angels lose. Brown will do the same in San Francisco if the Giants lose. 

In addition to their hats, both mayors promised to wear the jersey of the winning team to work one day. 

“To have the World Series be an all-coast series between Anaheim and San Francisco is an absolute delight,” Brown said in a conference call with Daly. 

Surrounded by television cameras in their respective offices, Daly exchanged pleasantries with Brown. He mentioned Anaheim’s “perfect baseball weather” and ace left-hander Jarrod Washburn, who will start Game 1 for the Angels on Saturday. 

“ESPN and other sports broadcasters are predicting a six- or seven-game series,” Daly said.