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Right turn on Telegraph

Pam Speich Berkeley
Wednesday October 23, 2002

To the Editor: 


When the original grant was submitted for new traffic lights on Telegraph Avenue, there was nothing in it about forced “right turns only” at Stuart or Russell streets. It will not be safer for school children to cross in crosswalks if cars are forced to turn right into those crosswalks.  

In addition, the plan to force right turns at Stuart would have diverted traffic onto other streets like Ward. The 230 LeConte and Willard residents who signed the petition against “forced right turns” at Stuart and Russell are hopeful that their wishes continue to be complied with. Instead of creating further divisiveness – it would be great to see if the neighborhood associations could work on getting consensus on traffic circles and pinch points – rather than reversing something that so many were against. 


Pam Speich