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Not PC

Peter Labriola Berkeley
Wednesday November 13, 2002

To the Editor: 


I crack up when I read the endless politically-correct rhetoric in the Daily Planet’s Forum on the subjects of anti-growth, height limitations and housing shortages. Heaven forbid that anyone in Berkeley should ever mention the reason we have a housing crisis in the first place: we need to accommodate the endless millions of immigrants that are flooding into the country in numbers unprecedented in human history. Instead of actually addressing the cause of the problem, the letter writers would rather jump ahead to their useless solutions, and then wonder about why the situation keeps getting worse every year. 

Let me state the obvious: Given our present situation, we have only two choices, and both are bad. Either we can build housing on top of housing and turn California into a hideously congested slum, or we can not build the housing and have millions of homeless people and skyrocketing housing costs. There is no third choice, aside from the useless PC rhetoric that is found on the Forum page. 


Peter Labriola