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Tuesday February 18, 2003

Whew! We’ve done an enormous amount this month, but there’s still a bit to be done before re-launch. Current plans: we’ll start out in a couple of weeks with two editions a week, down from the previous six. We suspect that a semi-weekly schedule is actually a better deal for advertisers, since papers will stay around longer and be read more carefully. We want to hear what readers and advertisers think. 


Will the name change if the schedule stays at two per week? We get pros and cons on that topic. Pros: “The Daily Planet was Superman’s paper.” “If it’s not at least a little quirky, it’s not really Berkeley.” Cons: “Don’t be ridiculous. If it’s not daily, why call it the Daily Planet?” “Let’s lose the Beserkeley image.” It will certainly continue to be The Berkeley Planet. Berkeleyans are interested in the whole world, and many of us think we have the job of advising the whole planet on how to conduct itself. What’s your opinion?