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Two Daylight Shootings Disturb Neighborhood

Friday June 20, 2003

Two brazen daylight shootings in the past week have shaken Berkeley and prompted police to step up patrols in the area. 

The first incident occurred just before 2 p.m. Tuesday. A 27-year-old Berkeley man was shot multiple times with a large caliber automatic weapon on Alcatraz Street near California Street. According to police spokesperson Mary Kusmiss, the victim was transported to Highland Hospital where doctors determined his wounds were not life-threatening. 

Kusmiss said several stray bullets struck the window of Alcatraz Market, a corner grocery store, and two vehicles, one parked and the other headed east on Alcatraz Avenue.  

“Fortunately no bystanders were injured,” Kusmiss said. “But obviously we are very concerned because daylight shootings increase the possibility of a community member getting caught in the fray.” 

Kusmiss said numerous shell casings were found in the area of the shooting and that no motive or possible suspects have been identified.  

The second incident occurred Wednesday at 7:25 p.m. in the 1600 block of Russell Street. Police received calls reporting possible gunshots and when they arrived at the scene they found a 31-year-old Oakland man with a single gunshot wound.  

The victim was also transported to Highland Hospital where he was treated and released. According to Kusmiss, detectives suspect the shots were fired from a passing vehicle that was heading east on Russell Street.  

Police are not certain if the two incidents are related. Kusmiss said patrols have been increased in the area. 

Police are anxious to solve these cases and are seeking help from anyone who has information about either shooting.  

Those with with information are asked to anonymously contact the homicide bureau at (510) 981-5741.