UC Enrollment Holds Steady

by Matthew Artz
Friday December 26, 2003

UC Berkeley enrollment held steady this year, according to final registration figures released last week. 

In all, 23,206 undergraduate students and 9,870 graduate students enrolled at the Berkeley campus this fall, for a total of 33,076—just 69 fewer students than last year. 

To keep education quality high in the face of mounting budget deficits, UC Berkeley has sought to hold enrollment steady, said Assistant Vice Chancellor for Admissions and Enrollment Richard Black in a written statement. 

UC Berkeley enrolled 3,652 freshman this year, three fewer than in fall 2002. 

The ethnic breakdown of the freshman class remained basically unchanged from last year, with groups enrollment rising or dipping by less than a percentage point. 

Asian Americans comprised 45 percent of incoming freshman, followed by whites at 30 percent, Latinos at 11 percent, African Americans at 4 percent and Native Americans at 0.5 percent. Students who chose to define themselves as “other” or who declined to state their ethnicity represented about 10 percent. 

Woman comprised 54 percent of the undergraduate population, while males accounted for 54 percent of graduate students. 

—Matthew Artz