Police Blotter

Friday May 07, 2004

Stumble leads to traffic fatality 

An 83-year-old man who had paused in the center island as he crossed Shattuck Avenue at Kittredge Street shortly before 4 p.m., Thursday, lost his balance and stumbled backwards into traffic on Shattuck, where he was struck and killed by a passing truck, according to Berkeley Police spokesperson Kevin Schofield. 

“The truck had the green light,” Schofield said. He added that the truck driver “pulled around the corner and waited after the accident.” 

The victim’s name was withheld pending formal identification by the Alameda County Coroner’s office. 


Bystanders Chase, Catch Teenaged Purse-Snatchers 

When a pair of teenagers strong-armed a purse from a woman pedestrian on Dana Street near Durant Avenue early last Saturday evening, irate passers-by set off in pursuit, capturing a pair of 15-year-old bandits. Berkeley police scooped them up and took them to city jail. 


Gunshot Victim Reports Robbery 

Berkeley Police were summoned to Highland Hospital in Oakland Tuesday night after a man appeared with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound and reported he’d been shot by a robber near the intersection of Sacramento Street and Alcatraz Avenue in Berkeley. 

The victim told Berkeley officers he’d been shot by a man in his mid-20s, said BPD Spokesperson Kevin Schofield. No suspect has been arrested.