Clothing Drive

Nancy Wogan
Tuesday June 01, 2004

Clothing Drive 


In their Afghanistan clothing drive, 

The Quakers of “Friends” ask no symbols 

On the donated hats, 

The t-shirts, the sweaters. 


No slogans or smiley faces, 

Nor deer on the Norwegian cardigans. 


The Moslem children are to get plain colors. 

Green if possible. 

Not red, white or blue. 


I fold by daughter’s purple old nightgown 

In a paper bag I’ll carry in next Sunday 


It was never her favorite 

Like the long one 

With Snoopy on his doghouse 

Ready to fight the Red Baron. 


But perhaps some 9-year-old Afghan girl 

Might dream in its flannel 

Might like to dream in its soft folds.  


Oh Osama girl, stay asleep in your bed. 

The Red Baron snoops over Iraq instead. 


Nancy Woganô